FEE SCHEDULE  for 2023


Excavator:  $25.00/year
Junk Yard:  $25.00/year
Plumbing:  $25.00/year
Residential Rental:  $25.00/year
Residential Rental Renewal: $25.00 / year by Dec. 31, $35.00 / year after Dec. 31


Single:  $0.25/page
Land Development Ordinance:  $20.00
Stormwater Ordinance:  $25.00
Zoning Ordinance:  $50.00


Curb/Sidewalk:  $25.00
Plumbing:  $25.00
Street-Cut:  $200.00
Transient Retail:  $50.00/month


Bulk Trash / Green Waste Pick-up:  $40.00/load
Trash collection:  $87.00/quarter
Sewer minimum:  $174.00/quarter
  pdf(Sign up to pay your sewer bill online) (213 KB)
Sewer Tapping:  $4,200.00


Real Estate:  3.84 Mills
Local Services:  $52.00/year
Earned Income:  0.5%
Realty Transfer:  0.5%


Garbage Collection: The Township contracts with a trash hauler for the removal of residential garbage in Annville. Collection is every TUESDAY MORNING. The hauler starts as early as 5:00 AM, so many folks place their trash curbside the night before. Garbage should be in a container with a lid and may weigh no more than 50 pounds and may not include green waste, bulk trash or recyclable items (see below).

Recycling: The Township participates in mandatory curbside recycling. Collection is every TUESDAY MORNING. A recycling bin is available at no charge in the Township Office. The following items MUST be recycled: 

  • Newspapers
  • glass bottles and jars
  • aluminum and bi-metal cans
  • plastic bottles only (discard other plastics with household garbage)

Green Waste, Bulk Trash, Office Paper, Metal: Annville Residents may dispose of these materials by placing them in the appropriate dumpster at the Public Works facility just west of town. The dumpsters are available on specified days of the week as announced in the Town Crier Newsletter. No electronics (see below) or plastic bags in the green waste. Residents may request a pick-up by Public Works for a minimal fee. Request forms are available  pdfhere (152 KB) or in the Township Office (36 North Lancaster Street).

Electronics: The Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority will recyle these items. See the Public Works page for details.

Leaf Collection: Public Works collects leaves placed curbside during the autumn months. Burning of leaves is prohibited.

Snow Removal: Residents must clean their sidewalks of snow and ice (a 30 inch path) within 24 hours after snowfall has ceased or ice has formed. Do not push, shovel, plow or blow snow from a sidewalk or driveway into the street.

Burning: Open burning is prohibited. Individuals may seek a special exception by submitting an application for a permit available at the Town Hall.

Building Permits: The Township requires a building permit or the following:

  • new construction
  • additions and structural alterations
  • inground and above ground pools
  • storage sheds, regardless of size and location

Obtain an application for a permit from the Lebanon County Planning Department, 400 South 8th Street, Lebanon PA 17042, tel: 717-228-4444, which acts as the Township’s Zoning Officer.

Other Permits: The Township requires permits for the following; applications are available in the Town Hall.

  • Plumbing Permit for all plumbing installations or alterations.
  • Sidewalk Permit for curb and sidewalk installations or alterations.
  • Soliciting Permit for anyone wishing to contact residents in person at their place of residence.

Subdivision & Land Development: A Township ordinance regulates the subdivision of land, the adjustment of lot lines and the development of lots for residential and non-residential uses. The Lebanon County Planning Department and the Annville Township Planning Commission must review all plans; the Annville Township Board of Commissioners must give final approval.

Residential Rental Licenses: Landlords must apply annually for a license for each of their residential rental properties in Annville Township. The Township mails registration forms to landlords and charges a small fee to cover processing costs. The form is also available on the “Forms” page of the website and in the Township Office.

Signs: The Township’s Zoning Ordinance regulates the type, size, location, and duration of all signs. Proposed signage requires the approval of the Township Zoning Officer, the Lebanon County Planning Department, 400 South 8th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042, tel: 717-228-4444.

Dogs: The Township’s Animal Ordinance follows PA State Law with regard to dogs: Dogs must be on the leash or under direct control of a person of responsible age if they are off the owner’s property. Dogs over the age of six months must have a license. The Lebanon County Treasurer’s Office or their designated agent will provide a license. Call 717-228-4420 for further information.

Property Maintenance: The Board of Commissioners adopted the standards set forth in the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) in June 2012. This code describes minimum maintenance requirements for all existing buildings. The Township retains BCI Code Compliance as its Code Enforcement Officer. Potential violations must come to the Township in the form of a written complaint signed by the plaintiff. The Township will review the complaint and forward it to the Code Enforcement Officer for investigation.