The Department of Public Works operates the wastewater treatment plant and maintains Township streets and properties.  Want to know more about what happens when you flush?  Click: Wastewater Treatment.

Public Works Headquarters:  675 W. Main Street at the Treatment Plant and Highway Garage complex
Hours of operation: Monday – Friday from 6:00 am – 2:30 pm; Weekends from 5:30 am to 8:00 am
Phone: 717-867-1992

Staff: Les Powell (Supervisor), Keith Heck (Lab Manager), Christopher Koehler (Operator), Joseph Viozzi (Operator), Jason Shaak and Gary Kosh

Public Works also offers the following service to Township residents:

  • Green waste disposal -Self-service dumpster available spring through fall at the Public Works complex, 675 West Main Street. Pick-up is available at $40 for a 4’x4′ pile.
  • Chipping and removal of fallen tree branches – $40 for 4’x4′ pile, download the  Green Waste / Bulk Trash registration form or pick one up in the Town Hall.
  • Bulk trash disposal – Self-service dumpster available spring through fall. Public Works will haul your item(s) for $40. Download the registration form  or get one at the Town Hall.)
  • Metals recycling – Self-service dumpster available spring through fall at the Public Works complex. Please, no appliances with freon.



Place loose leaves in the street about one foot from the curb.  Please be sure that there are no bags, sticks, or twigs in your pile as these materials will damage the Township equipment.  Collection will resume in the fall of 2020.



March 11, 2020 through October 31, 2020
Hours: Wednesdays 12 noon to 6:00 pm and Saturdays 6:00 am to 12 noon

**Changes for 2020 – There is no longer a dumpster for cardboard since it is now collected curbside.  Please place flattened cardboard out with your weekly recycling on Tuesdays.**
Contact the Township Office with any questions at (717) 867-4476.


Bulk Trash

  • No appliances with Freon
  • No bags of green waste
  • No car parts, tires or batteries
  • No electronics (see below to recycle electronic devices)
  • No hazardous waste (see below to dispose of such materials)

Green Waste

  • No plastic bags or containers in the dumpster

Office/Computer Paper

  • Must be white paper (no color or tinted paper, but it may contained colored printing)
  • Must be clean and dry


  • No appliances with freon



Available at the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority, 1610 Russell Road 717-867-5790

UNACCEPTABLE DEVICES (Dispose of these in the regular trash.)

    • Audio equipment: Stereos – Radios – Boom Boxes – Speakers – Console Stereos – CD Players
    • Small Appliances: Digital Clocks – Toasters – Toaster Ovens – Sweepers – Vacuums – Irons – Hair Dryers – Hand Mixers – Stand Mixers – Blenders – Microwave Ovens
    • Office Equipment: Answering Machines – Copy Machines – Fax Machines – Calculators
    • Home Entertainment: VCRs – DVRs – DVD Players – Small Satellite Dishes –
    • Christmas Tree Lights

ACCEPTABLE DEVICES – For a comprehensive list, please visit the GLRA’s website.



Paint cans with excess paint can be disposed in your regular trash IF THE PAINT IS DRY. Open cans and use sawdust or cat litter to dry the paint. No paint is accepted at the Public Works facility.


Visit the GLRA’s website for detailed information concerning the proper disposal of hazardous waste in Lebanon County.